Jon Øyvind Odland


MD 1980, Laudabilis.

Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology 1990. PhD University of Tromso 2000.

Professor of International Health, Faculty of Health Sciences and Department of Community Medicine, UiT, the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø (2007 –)

Visiting professor, Department of Public Health, University of Pretoria, South Africa (2013–)

Visiting professor, GYN/OB Department, College of Medicine, University of Malawi (2013-)

Key National Expert, Sustainable Development Working Group, Arctic Council (2010–)

President of the Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research (2009– 2011)

Chair of AMAP Human Health Assessment Group (2009 –).

2005-2010: Board member, Board for International stipends, The Norwegian Research Council;

2005-2009: Board member MILGENHEL, The Norwegian Research Council

2009-2012: Chair of the Board MILGENHEL (from 2011 MILPAAHEL), The Norwegian Research Council

2012 – 2015: President, International Union of Circumpolar Health.

2000 -: Teacher and supervisor in Health Education, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Public Health at Bachelor, Master, and PhD level in Norway, Russia, Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Island, Iceland, Canada, Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Australia, Argentina, and Vietnam.

Totally 15 PhD students supervised to their final dissertation, in Norway, Russia, Malawi, and South Africa.

PI of the MISA cohort of Northern Norway. Five PhD candidates finished, with focus on pregnancy outcome, persistent toxic substances, and endocrine disruption. Five ongoing PhD candidates at different stages, focused on birth registry studies, obstetrics, and public health. Supervision of 2-3 Master thesis annually since 2000. Module leader of Global Health at the International semester at the Medical school, 4th year, The Health Faculty, UiT.


Selected publications last two years (totally 116 cited in Pubmed. The last 5 years 60 papers published based on international review process):

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Ten book chapters in environmental and maternal health related issues since 2000.

Editor of four AMAP Human Health Assessment Reports 1998-2015 (

Co-author of the Report to the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety: Benefit and risk assessment of breast milk for infant health in Norway. Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM) 2013. ISBN: 978-82-8259-113-3.